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Bad Boy for Sale in Indiana

At Wakarusa Ag, we believe in delivering the best in New and Used Bad Boy Equipment to all communities in Indiana and throughout the United States.

As times change and the Ag community looks for better Bad Boy equipment deals, Wakarusa Ag is in your corner.

Bad Boy Mowers and related equipment are quite popular among the Ag and broader farm community. However, you might have questions about which Bad Boy Mower might work best for you. Thankfully, Wakarusa Ag is here to help you.

When you look to purchase a Bad Boy Mower, consider these five points.

Examine the warranty – The typical Bad Boy Mower is good for three years and it covers the tractor and deck. See if there are any seasonal or additional perks that can boost the strength of your warranty.

Keep an eye on your budget – The mower world can get expensive fast. Study and shop between what brands and models you like. Because you can spend too little and get too little. But, you can also purchase ultra powerful mowers and you’re cutting the equivalent of an unfenced suburban backyard.

Understand the land you’re mowing – Always make sure that you’re picking up a mower for the land you own or work. Meaning that don’t take a top heavy mower on a hill filled area. If you’re dealing with thick patchy grass, make sure you have the blades to cut it.

What features do you need? – Certain people need certain features. Certain soils, repeating kinds of grass and environmental concerns will require you to have certain features on the mower.

How big is your property? – Do you want to be mowing forever? Well, if you don’t…make sure you pick up a mower with the ability to sustain across various property sizes.

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